There comes a time when every home or business owner contemplates the repair or replacement of their existing fence. It may be that it’s already costing a considerable amount for upkeep or you may just want a change. Each situation is different and the following tips may help you make a decision.

Wooden Fences

A wood fence can be a lot of work and even a little bit of neglect can result in big problems. The fencing requires regular maintenance and even wolmanized wood has its limitations. If you’re tired of regularly checking the fence’s hardware, you have boards that are warped, falling down, or have fallen prey to insects, it’s time to replace the fence.

If the fence was installed for privacy or to contain children and pets, a damaged fence is a safety hazard. If an entire section falls, it can seriously injure someone. It leaves the property open to invasion by trespassers, while opening an escape route for kids and pets.

PVC Fencing

The many styles of PVC fencing has made it popular for a wide array of uses. They’re generally long lasting, but even PVC fences can need to be replaced. If the original fence was installed with lower quality vinyl, it can be damaged by UV rays and become brittle. If holes were drilled, they can split. If the repairs to a PVC fence entails anything more than patching a hole or very small crack, it’s a good idea to have it replaced.

Metal Fencing

If any part of your metal fence is damaged or rusted, contact a fencing professional as soon as possible. Metal fencing that’s been damaged is an eyesore and poses a danger for injury to people and pets. Children can easily exit and trespassers and wildlife can enter. A professional can tell you if repair or replacement is the better option.


Sometimes an older fence just doesn’t serve its intended purpose, you want a change, or you’re looking for a more stylish solution. A company specializing in multiple types of fencing can assist you with more modern materials and options.

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