There are multiple reasons that you might decide to install a fence and you’ll have a myriad of styles, colors and materials from which to choose. The first step before contacting a fencing specialist is to identify why you want a fence.

Safety and Security

A fence provides safety for children and pets, protecting them from incursions by human trespassers and a wide variety of unwanted wildlife. Fencing is effective for concealing valuables encompassing lawn care equipment, ATVs, PWCs and motorcycles from burglars.


Homes are being constructed even closer together than in the past, inhibiting the ability to enjoy time with family and friends. A fence provides a private space for you to enjoy good times away from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby.

Set Boundaries

Fencing is a great way to establish property boundaries, but it’s always best to consult with your neighbor first. Depending on local laws, they may be responsible for part of the upkeep costs – an expense for which they might object.

Ornamentation and Curb Appeal

If you’re planning on selling your home, a fence can add significant curb appeal and ornamentation all in a single package. Fences are an attractive attribute for buyers and viewed as a money-saving bonus.

Hiding Eyesores

Everyone partakes of modern conveniences, but those services often come with equipment that’s unappealing to the eye. A fence can hide or camouflage eyesores that include satellite dishes, HVAC units, emergency generators, and electrical boxes. They’re also effective for concealing electrical vehicle charging stations and trash bins.

Complying with HOAs

HOAs can dictate many things and a common rule is keeping “clutter” such as children’s toys and outdoor furniture out of sight. A fence alleviates that concern, but always consult with the HOA to ensure the fence you want conforms to the organization’s guidelines.

Swimming Pools

Pools and spas must be surrounded with an appropriate fence and gate to prevent access by children. Before installing a pool or spa, consult with a fencing specialist to determine what meets safety standards and your aesthetic preferences.

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