Privacy is the No. 1 reason why most individuals install a fence and one of the most popular material choices is PVC. Before erecting a privacy fence, it’s important to understand exactly what it does. The short answer is that it conceals property and activities from neighbors and passersby.

A privacy fence enables families and friends to enjoy time together without interruption. It’s also an effective method for concealing vehicles, equipment and other valuable assets from public view. PVC fencing acts as a sound buffer against outdoor noises that disrupts tranquility. The higher the fence, the more sound disruption it provides and PVC fencing is available in a variety of heights.

Privacy fences have many other benefits of which individuals may not be aware. The fencing is an effective and decorative way to keep children and pets contained in their own yard. Conversely, the fencing aids in keeping stray animals, wildlife and trespassers off the property. The fencing can be utilized for vertical gardening for prized specimens or to create a relaxing botanical getaway.

PVC privacy fencing is available in over 30 decorative styles that complement homes and properties. There’s an extensive range of colors from which to choose and it can be obtained in styles that emulate the appearance of real wood or stone. Multiple customization options are available for horizontally or vertical installation.

Durability is a benchmark of PVC. It’s five times stronger than wood and is manufactured with UV inhibitors to prevent fading, yellowing and brittleness. The material is able to withstand severe winds and saltwater, and has the Dade County Product Approval Certification. PVC won’t crack, peel, split, splinter, rot or warp and it’s unappealing to insects.

Warm, humid conditions can lead to algae, mold and mildew growth. PVC is resistant to all of those problems and the material requires a minimum of maintenance. When PVC eventually comes to the end of its considerable lifespan, the eco-friendly material is recyclable and minimal energy and resources are used in its production.

Non-toxic to children and pets, PVC also makes an excellent wind break that enables individuals to enjoy their outdoor spaces even when its breezy. PVC has emerged as one of the market’s most valuable materials for privacy fencing in a wide variety of environments.

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