From time immemorial, fences have been erected for protection. The barriers have expanded from use for personal safety to those designed to protect the public in parks, at construction sites, public pools, schools, and even penitentiaries.

The rise in terrorist attacks have also led to federal regulations that require fencing at sites ranging from water filtration plants to food processing facilities, along with mass transportation hubs, chemical facilities, power plants, and oil-related industries. The regulations are designed to protect the public from terrorist activity affecting food, water, utilities, and natural resources.

For facilities that come under federal regulations for safety, chain link fencing is recommended. It’s available in multiple heights, can be installed quickly, and can be topped with barbed wire or even razor wire for additional security.

Chain link is also economical for industrial and construction sites to prevent entry to locations that pose a serious danger. They’re low maintenance options to secure a perimeter and chain link fencing can be equipped with multiple types of gates, locking mechanisms, and high-tech access features.

In cities where a combination of beauty and functionality is desired, aluminum fencing with the appearance and aesthetic appeal of wrought iron is often utilized. It’s effective for directing foot traffic in parks and blocking access to waterways within those areas. Aluminum is also beneficial at venues where special entertainments are being held. It has the advantages of elegance, durability, and multiple styles and color choices.

PVC fencing is an alternative for public spaces that’s able to withstand severe winds and is available in multiple heights and colors. It’s low maintenance and is unaffected by UV rays or weather for a long-lasting solution.

An area of fencing for protecting the public that few people think about is that used in zoos, animal parks, and rescue organizations for dangerous, endangered, and exotic wildlife. Animal fencing must be designed and installed to exacting specifications and it’s just one area in which Zepco Fence specializes.

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