People often dream of a white picket fence in front of their home, epitomizing the American dream. Others envision white board fences for their equine friends, reminiscent of those of Kentucky thoroughbreds. Before deciding to erect a wooden fence for any application, there are some things that individuals should know about the material.


Wood fencing serves a variety of purposes. It can keep children and pets from wandering, deter human and wildlife incursions, provide privacy and beautify properties. The initial cost is typically less than other materials and there’s a multitude of wood types from which to choose ranging from pine and cedar to cypress and redwood.

There’s a wealth of different styles of wood fencing from which to choose and the fencing can be customized in multiple ways. Depending on the application, it can be installed in vertical or horizontal styles. If a board or post deteriorates, it’s a relatively simple matter to replace a single defective part of the fence.


Fencing constructed from any type of wood is going to require more maintenance than other materials. Wood is subject to the growth of moss, mold and algae, especially in Florida where humidity levels are high and significant amounts of rainfall is present. Rot is a prevalent problem. Wood also attracts termites and other types of insects. Individuals will need to pay particular attention to the hardware used to join the fence together.

Over time, wood fencing will begin to dull and take on a gray, washed out appearance. It will need to be primed and painted or stained. Wood is also prone to cracking and splitting. It will shrink slightly after installation as it dries, which can leave gaps where its joined together. Fencing and gates can swell after a heavy rain, making gates harder to open.

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