Vines are used in multiple ways, one of the most popular of which is to climb fences to hide unsightly features in the yard. They provide abundant foliage and most species produce blooms in a rainbow of colors that provide food for pollinators that include honeybees and butterflies.

Individuals can choose from clinging, tendril or twining vines. Clinging vines use tiny suction cups on their rootlets to connect with surfaces. Tendril vines use thin tendrils that spiral around objects to hold themselves in place. Twining vines are the heavy hitters of the vine world, twisting their entire stems around supports as they grow.


Vines can provide shade and an additional level of privacy. They’re especially beneficial for fences with see-through attributes such as chain link to create a privacy screen.

Avast majority of vines produce an abundance of blossoms that add beauty to the entire yard and increase curb appeal.

The blooms produced by many vines are sweetly scented. Examples are honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine, and some types of clematis.

Vines provide vertical interest and interesting textures within the landscape.

Most are fairly fast growing, allowing them to fulfill their desired function quickly.


The vine may be too heavy for the type of fence it’s planted against. A heavy twining vine can damage or even bring down an entire section of fencing if it’s not kept in check.

Clinging vines are moisture-laden and can accelerate rot when allowed to ramble over a wooden fence. Non-woody, annual vines are the best fit for wooden fences.

Staining can occur when vines are planted along wooden fences. Green stains can appear from the foliage, along with staining from the color of the blossoms.

Additional Considerations

Some vines require very little care or maintenance from year to year other than a little trimming. Others will need extra effort to keep them growing in a specific direction and to prevent them from overgrowing their allotted space. It’s a good idea to consult with a landscaping professional for assistance in what vine will best fit the intended purpose and the specific type of fence.

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