Fencing is available in so many materials, styles and colors it’s often difficult to make a choice. Composite Fencing is a popular option for fencing and decks. It comes with a number of advantages.

Like every material, there are also some things that individuals should know to weigh against the benefits when choosing a fencing option. A fence is a significant investment in a home or business and its important to obtain the best value for the money.


Depending on the manufacturer, it can be constructed with a combination of plastic and wood fibers that are recyclable at the end of the fence’s lifespan. It’s considered an eco-friendly option since fewer trees must be cut for new fencing.

Composite fencing is available in panels and boards to accommodate multiple vertical and horizontal designs. It’s often chosen for privacy fencing due to its durability. Multiple colors and textures are offered and it can emulate the appearance of wood and stone.

The fencing is far less likely to rot than wood. It’s a good idea to give composite fencing a cleaning with hot water, soap and a soft bristled brush in the spring and autumn to maintain its appearance.

The South Florida climate can present a number of challenges to fencing materials that includes salt spray, heat, humidity and exposure to strong UV rays. Composite fencing is low maintenance and holds up well in high heat. It’s also less likely than many other materials to develop mold and mildew. It comes with a warranty of 20 years or more.


Despite its many attributes, individuals should be aware that composite fencing comes in on the high end of the price range. Colors may fade and while it’s resistant to mold, that doesn’t mean it’s completely mold free. Algae may also be a problem and it can stain from sources such as grass clippings, hard water and chemicals.

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