Fencing is beneficial for a multitude of uses. It provides privacy, safety, and aids in reducing noise. There’s more to erecting a fence than simply getting it upright. There are laws and ordinances governing the installation of fencing, along with permits that may need to be obtained. Failure to comply with any existing codes or regulations could result in an order to tear down or move your newly installed fence.

Fences are great for marking boundaries, but it’s absolutely essential that you know exactly where your property line actually is. You’ll need to have the property surveyed if it hasn’t been recently. It’s just one of the reasons that the services of a professional fence installer are so beneficial. They know the laws and are able to obtain any needed permits.

A fencing professional will also know if there are any setbacks. In some locations, fences are required to be set back off the property line. That can range from 2 inches in some places to several feet in others to allow for maintenance. Fences can’t be built on an easement under any circumstances and a neighbor can’t paint or make other changes to a fence that you’ve had erected.

In other locations, you can erect a fence and half of the upkeep and cost will be attributed to your neighbor when they have what’s deemed a substantial building on their property. It also means that your neighbor can cut any tree limbs or bushes that infringe on the fence. In other areas, you may or may not need your neighbor’s permission to install the fence in the first place.

Fences serve a variety of purposes, but laws can vary widely in regard to their installation. It’s always best to have a professional perform the installation since they’re familiar with local ordinances. Before beginning any fencing project, ensure you have a recent survey to establish property boundaries. Property lines aren’t always straight and physical features can create installation difficulties that only professionals are able to accommodate properly.

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