A fence can be installed to meet an extensive number of needs, but the No. 1 reason is typically to obtain an enhanced level of privacy. There are numerous reasons why a fence for privacy makes sense and there are multiple materials from which to choose.

Homes are being built closer together, making it even more difficult to enjoy family activities away from prying eyes. Fencing also provides a safer haven for children to play without coming to the attention of the unscrupulous. Certain types of pets are at an elevated risk of being stolen. A privacy fence is also a good idea to keep valuable equipment and recreational aspects from sight.

How Much Privacy?

A major consideration before erecting a fence is how much privacy is desired. Individuals that want to be able to still see their surroundings on the other side of the fence can choose one with alternating panels. Those that want complete privacy to sunbathe or let children and pets roam the property safe from the eyes of others will want to install a solid fence.

Fence Height

The height of the barrier will depend on several criteria. There may be local ordinances that preclude placing a fence at the desired height. Those living in close proximity to other homes won’t have the same amount of privacy if the house next door is a two-story structure.

Conversely, a fence won’t stop people from cutting across the property, picking prize roses, or stray animals from coming on the property if the fence isn’t high enough. Individuals may also need to obtain the approval of neighbors that directly adjoin the property. Before installing a fence, it’s best to check local zoning and ordinances.


Some fences aren’t a “one-and-done” solution. They require regular inspection and maintenance if they’re to serve their purpose. Wood will need to be painted or stained to prevent weathering and the material is attractive to insects. There are newer fencing materials that can withstand hurricane-force winds and simply need to be rinsed down with a hose to keep their good looks while providing multiple privacy options.

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