Pool fencing in Florida has to meet specific requirements for safety. The most common fencing that provides safety and privacy is a stockade fence. They’re available in a couple of different styles that meet Florida safety mandates.

Fencing Requirements

The fence must be at least 48 inches high, with uprights that are no more than 4 inches apart, and have an outward opening gate. The fence must be erected a distance away from the pool’s edge so if a child does enter the area unattended, he/she won’t immediately step into the pool.

The fence must be low enough so a toddler can’t climb under it and have no outcroppings that a child could use as handholds to scale the fence. A pool fence must have a self-latching lock on a self-closing gate that small children are unable to reach.

Stockade Fence

A stockade fence is one of the easiest and quickest fencing options and there are two basic styles. All are made of wood. One is constructed in sections with boards laid touching each other. The fencing is typically installed with vertical pickets, but can also be customized so the boards are horizontal. The “pretty” side must face outward. It’s an effective noise blocker, but also prevents air from circulating through.


Sometimes referred to as a double slatted fence, it consists of two rows of alternating boards – one on the outside and one on the inside. Individuals that try to see in would have to be at a precise angle to do so.

A double slatted fence is considered more stylish than stockade fencing. It also has the advantage of presenting the same appearance from both sides. It helps dampen sounds and has the added benefit of allowing air to flow through.


For those that need the barrier of a fence but want something with a little more aesthetic value, there are screen panels that can be erected on the outside of the fence. They’re available in solid colors and can also be obtained with images.

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