People planning a pool in Florida often forget one of the most important items required by law – a pool fence. Florida law requires every pool owner to install a barrier at least 48 inches in height for any pool that’s 24 inches or more in depth. It can’t have any gaps, openings or other entrances that a curious or unattended child could climb over, crawl under, or push through.

The pool fence must be installed in such a way to ensure it surrounds and blocks off the entire pool and it can’t have any protrusions or indentations that a child could use as a handhold. Pool fence laws apply to in-ground pools and above-ground pools. There are a number of associated laws that govern night swimming, pools and decks and similar situations, many of which new pool owners aren’t aware of until they’ve already contracted for the pool to be installed.

When selecting a pool fence, there are multiple options from which to choose. Many people automatically think of chain link fence because it’s cost effective, can be installed quickly, and is the option of choice for location near lakes and waterways. It’s a good choice and also comes with a bottom cable to prevent unwanted wildlife and pets from entering.

SimTek is another choice that provides beauty, safety, and stylishness. It’s extremely durable and easy to maintain, is available in textures that mimic wood and stone, and provides exceptional sound absorption. It’s also eco-friendly. PVC fencing is another option that is long-lasting, resistant to hurricane winds, highly decorative, and has a lifetime warranty.

For a luxury look that combines elegance with functionality, aluminum fences are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to chain link that’s available in multiple colors and styles. It’s a great way to meet pool protection laws. The rails and gates can be customized for complete safety. Wood stockade fencing is also available.

A pool is a wonderful way to cool off and a focal point for entertaining. It’s also essential that pool owners be in compliance with laws for the safety of small children that don’t understand the danger.

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