Many individuals envision their homes surrounded by a traditional white picket fence, while other homeowners opt for a tall wooden privacy fence to hide away from the world. No matter which option individuals choose, there’s painting or staining to consider. Wood fencing left unpainted or unstained will weather.


One of the best attributes of paint is that it creates a thicker barrier than stain and it comes in multiple colors. A simple pine fence can be painted to give it the appearance of hickory or high-end mahogany. Individuals aren’t limited to wood tones – they can choose pastels or bright, bold colors. The outdoor latex paint available for fencing will dry in 4 to 8 hours, depending upon the weather and humidity level.

The disadvantages are that it peels and chips over time, leaving the fence looking old, worn and neglected. Individuals will need to sand or scrape off the old paint before applying a new coat. A primer should also be applied before painting. The process will need to be repeated more often than staining. Paint prevents wood from breathing and can hasten the end of its lifespan.


Staining also enables individuals to choose whatever color they’d like for their wood fence. Using stain is a less time-consuming process and will cost less than painting. Individuals won’t have to sand or scrape away the old stain, they can just apply a new coat, provided they’re not changing to a different color, in which case they’ll need to remove the top finish.

Stain enhances a wood’s natural grain, will slow the aging process, and acts as a barrier against UV rays. It can also aid in deterring termites and makes wood less susceptible to rot, cracking and warping. Wood with smaller pores and uneven grain patterns, such as maple and birch, are more resistant to stain.

The color in stained fences will fade over time and a new coat will need to be applied. It doesn’t have to be replaced as often as paint, but stain requires two full days to dry. Some types of wood are better suited to staining than painting.

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