Privacy is a luxury that’s becoming increasingly difficult to attain. To obtain a modicum of
privacy at the sanctuary that they call home, people are choosing to install privacy fencing to
enjoy time with family and friends, away from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby.
There are multiple types of privacy fencing materials that can be selected, along with an
extensive array of ways to customize them for decorative value. Individuals should be aware
that many locations have restrictions on the height and type of materials that are allowable.
Those factors should be explored before choosing a material.
A stockade fence features pickets that are placed closely together to form a solid barrier. There
are multiple types of pressure treated woods from which to choose and it’s a cost-effective
solution. It does come with maintenance requirements. It will need to be treated with a
preservative, stain or paint to aid in preventing mold and rotting from water and humidity.
The fencing is available in multiple colors and can be customized in a variety of ways. It’s a long-
lasting material that requires minimal maintenance and can be kept clean with a hosing.
Vinyl/PVC is about 5 times stronger than wood, affordable, decorative, and has a high aesthetic
value. Many vinyl/PVC fences come with a lifetime warranty. It can be installed vertically or
horizontally, is offered in multiple textures, and is unaffected by water, insects or UV rays.
A fence of composite material offers natural colors and multiple surface finishes. Highly durable
and decorative, the fences are virtually maintenance free and resistant to rust and insect
predations. The material is a mix of wood and plastic for fencing that’s very strong and it’s eco-
Stone, Brick, Concrete
The most expensive options for privacy fencing are stone, brick or concrete, but the materials
are decorative and highly customizable. The materials represent the epitome for privacy and
offer an enhanced level of safety for children and pets.

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