The most common reasons for installing commercial fencing is security, protection of assets, to prevent liability issues, and to comply with anti-terrorism standards set forth by the Department of Homeland Security. Fencing is a highly effective means of deterring would-be intruders, but in some instances additional measures are required to discourage those that would climb the barrier.

It’s important to remember that the taller the fence is the more difficult it will be to breach. A fence of seven ft. or more in height is typically recommended by security experts and a solid barrier that prevents people from seeing inside also increases security. Not every additional climb-proof method can necessarily be employed on every type of fence.

Anti-Climb Paint – Also known as non-dry paint, it never completely dries, will leave a mark on anyone that touches it, and is very slippery. The disadvantage of anti-climb paint is that stray pollen and other particles will adhere to it.

Broken Glass – This is an option that’s implanted in mortar and installed atop of certain types of fencing. It’s a definite deterrent, but commercial property owners may not want to use it as it can be unattractive, requires warning signage, and should only be installed on fences of seven ft. or more in height.

Electrified Wire – A strand or two of electrified wire can be installed on top of a fence as an effective deterrent. Before implementing the measure, owners of commercial properties should check all relevant regulations to ensure the installation meets safety requirements to prevent children, pets, or a random pedestrian from accidentally touching the fence and incurring an injury. Appropriate warning signage will also need to be installed.

Fence Top Rollers – Also known as fence top spinners, they’re essentially vertical or horizontal tubes that rotate to make gaining purchase on a wall extremely difficult and unstable. Some are also available with spikes.

Razor Tape and Barbed Wire – While both items may bring to mind a prison, they’re effective but shouldn’t be used in areas where workers or pedestrians normally have access. Both options may require special permission to install, along with appropriate signage.

Spikes – Fence spikes are the most popular option since they can be added at any time, are fairly affordable, and easy to install. They’re durable and difficult to remove.

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