Wind, fire, storms and vandals can damage fencing. Whether a homeowner’s policy will cover the cost to repair or replace fencing will depend on the policy and the cause of the damage. Homeowner’s insurance will typically pay for damages, provided it’s included in the policy’s list of covered causes.

Car Crashes and Vandalism

Vehicles running off the road and crashing into fences is far more common than people think. The driver of the vehicle that caused the damage is typically liable for the costs, but the homeowner’s policy will pay for the repairs or replacement. If the offending driver is known, insurance companies will often seek to recover their costs from the offending driver’s insurer. Insurers will also cover damage due to vandalism.

Fires and Storms

If the policy holder’s home, or the neighbor’s, catches on fire and damages the fence, the insurance company will cover the cost. The same is true if the damage is the result of high winds, a hurricane or a tornado. However, be aware that some policies do exclude damage from floods and winds in Florida.


There are multiple instances when trees can be the cause of damage to a fence. Homeowner’s insurance will pay for repairs or replacement if a limb comes down in a storm or the neighbor cuts a limb and it falls on the fence. However, the claim will be denied if the insurer believes the homeowner was negligent in some way or if the accident could have been prevented or avoided by the homeowner.


Insurance companies have an extensive list of exclusions that may be written into a homeowner’s policy. It’s critical for individuals to understand their coverage. The normal effects of aging or wear and tear on fences isn’t covered. Neither is damage due to termites and other insects, mold and fungi, dings and dents from lawnmowers, or children playing.

Damage sustained from vandalism or a vehicle accident should be reported to the police immediately and homeowners need to take photos of the damage. Both may be required by the insurance company to provide proof of the damage and its extent.

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