Barbed wire is a powerful deterrent to would be intruders in any environment. The drawback is that while it may be legal, police warn against barbed wire and similar methods in certain circumstances as the owner could be held legally responsible for any injuries that an intruder sustains. Even posting appropriate warning signage may not be enough to absolve businesses from responsibility and the potential for litigation.

Barbed wire, like razor wire, is prohibited when adjacent to public right-of-ways in a wide variety of commercially zoned districts. Florida has very stringent laws governing the use of barbed wire in any capacity since it can be so dangerous. In non-residential areas, barbed wired can be used for security purposes on top of walls, fences and gates, but must be installed a minimum of six feet off the ground.

Due to its dangerous nature, barbed wire fencing is typically prohibited for use in a number of business environments. It’s usually found atop chain link fencing in industrial and construction settings to aid in the protection of equipment, tools, materials, and to protect against injuries by the general public that may intrude into areas that could prove dangerous. It may also be found to protect utility installations.

No business owner should attempt to hang barbed wire unless they’re fully cognizant of the rules for their specific industry and within their location. Barbed wire is typically the least preferable solution in a variety of situations due to the business owner’s potential liability for injuries should someone attempt to intrude on the property.

There’s a wealth of other options available and the ultimate choice will depend upon the business, usage, and location. The best solution is to consult with a fencing professional who will be knowledgeable of the regulations governing the use of barbed wire in multiple settings.

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