Before calling in the professionals to install a fence, individuals should actually do some measuring on their own. It will help in budgeting for the project and facilitate communications with the fencing professional about what’s wanted. A fencing specialist will still make an on-site visit to view the area to determine if there are any extenuating circumstances such as thin soil, slopes, property curves, obstacles, or utility lines that must be considered.

Property Lines

It’s critical to identify exactly where the property lines are located. Without knowing where property lines are, the fence could inadvertently end up on the neighbor’s property. If that happens, it will need to be moved and a neighbor could even initiate a lawsuit if they want to be unpleasant.

Some municipalities allow fences to be erected on the property line, while others require it to be set a specific distance away from the property line. Let neighbors know about the fence, as they may be partially responsible for its upkeep, depending on local regulations.


Measure the perimeter of the property in feet and mark each corner of the property with a stake. Individuals will need someone to help them since the tape measure will need to be taut when measuring. For individuals that decide to install the fence themselves, they’ll need to run a taut string around the perimeter to help ensure the fence line is erected in a straight line. Mark where any gates will go how wide they will be.

Professional Expertise

Fencing panels typically come in 6 or 8-foot panels so it can be helpful to divide the total perimeter footage by the size of the panel. However, there will also be posts to consider and there’s no way of knowing the space they’ll require until the type of fencing is selected. It’s just one of the ways in which the expertise and knowledge of a professional fencer is invaluable.

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