The first step in choosing the right fence for your home is determining what you want the fence
to accomplish. The top reasons for installing a fence are:
 Safety
 Security
 Privacy
 Establish a boundary
 Curb Appeal/Property Value
 Buffer Noise
Maintaining safety for children and pets is a priority for many people. You’ll want a fence that
children and pets can’t climb over or crawl under. You’ll also want a fence that will be high
enough to deter humans and wildlife from entering the space.
Chain link and aluminum fencing are effective for security purposes. Chain link is less attractive
than other types, but can be affixed with a variety of features to prevent entry. Aluminum
fencing is highly attractive and resembles wrought iron. It’s very durable and can be designed
with spiked tops and similar features.
For privacy, nothing beats a solid fence. The fencing can be installed vertically or horizontally.
Solid fencing doesn’t allow anyone to see in or out. Board-on-board installations are similar, but
do allow a small sliver of sight from just the right angle.
Fencing is an excellent way to mark a property line and set a boundary. Erecting a fence is also
effective for keeping pedestrians from cutting across lawns, along with keeping people and pets
away from dangerous slopes.
Curb Appeal
A fence for curb appeal should frame the property and home. It shows off the property to its
best advantage as viewed from the road.
Home Value
The right fence can significantly increase home value. A fence is especially valuable if the home
is going to be sold. It’s an investment that many buyers want and an already installed fence is a
substantial selling point.

Traffic, sirens, barking dogs and neighbors can make it difficult to relax, watch TV or enjoy time
in your yard. A solid fence is an effective noise barrier and can be especially beneficial for those
that work at night and sleep during the day.

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