Fencing is the easiest and most effective way to protect pets from harm. There are multiple fencing materials from which to choose that will keep a pet safely contained while providing beauty to the home environment. There are multiple elements for individuals to consider when choosing a pet fence.

Size of the Pet

That cute puppy that’s so tiny now will eventually mature into a full-size dog. If a fence is erected with spaces between the uprights, the gaps must be small enough to prevent the pet from slipping between them. Fencing with solid panels offers the most protection since there are no gaps through which an animal can escape. The size of the pet as an adult must also be considered.

Skill Sets

If a pet is seeking an escape route, some will try to jump a fence while others are more likely to attempt a breakout by digging under the fence. Still, others are agile climbers. Some pets develop skills on their own that include opening gates. There’s no way to tell if a pet will be skilled at escapes, but a child-safe gate is always a good option.

Fencing materials are desired that don’t provide any way for a pet to gain purchase with their feet for climbing and fences with an underground safety cable are effective in mitigating under-fence escapes. Be sure the fence is high enough to discourage jumpers.


Some pets are more destructive than others. Wood fencing isn’t a good choice for these pets. Vinyl and metal options require little maintenance and aren’t as likely to be destroyed should a pet become restless or bored.

Raise the Roof

While most people are concerned with fences to keep canines contained, a great many cat owners want to give their feline the benefit of fresh air in a safe manner. The same precautions should be considered when erecting a fence for cats as for other pets, but with the added addition of a securely attached overhead barrier to keep the cat from climbing up and over.

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