From scam artists and porch pirates to intruders, people are giving more thought to installing security measures for their homes. Some individuals choose to install selected methods, while others opt to have a full security system installed with all the bells and whistles. Individuals can also choose to transform their abode into a smart home that can be programmed, controlled from smartphones, and include a video feed.


An alarm can and should be installed on all doors and windows. Homeowners can choose from wired systems that are integrated into a home’s electrical system, wireless systems that utilize radio frequencies, and unmonitored types that will emit audible/visual signals and are dependent upon reliable cellular reception.


Many individuals choose to install cameras and that includes doorbell cameras. They’re an excellent deterrent and can even provide a means to prosecuting offenders. Cameras can be installed as part of an overall security system or independent models can be selected that constantly records.


Attractive and effective fencing is available that will make intruders think twice before trying to enter a property. Fencing can encompass a wide variety of options, materials, and heights that combine beauty with functionality, though the most widely utilized is chain link.


Illuminating a property is a definite deterrent to would-be burglars that like to work in the dark. Homeowners can choose to light specific areas of their property with illumination that automatically turns on when a specific level of darkness is achieved. Motion sensor lighting is also effective and turn on anytime movement is detected.


There are a great many types of locks that can be installed on homes for elevated security. Deadbolts are effective, but individuals need to ensure that their door frames and hinges are strong. The most popular locks are electronic that requires a code to activate.

Safe Room

A safe room provides people with a secure place to shelter should an intruder enter the home. Depending upon the circumstances, it can also provide a safe place to ride out a tornado or avoid the air-borne debris of a hurricane if people aren’t able to evacuate.

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