The vast majority of people decide to have a fence erected without much thought as to how the fence opening will be secured. A myriad of fencing options are available, along with complementary gates and locks to ensure security and safety. Custom systems can also be designed.

Gates can be equipped with locks that must be physically manipulated that include deadbolts and padlocks, knobs, and lever handles, along with cylinder locks operated with a key. A variety of electronic systems are also available that can be operated with smartphones or from the comfort of a vehicle. Gate locks also encompass electronic models that incorporate a keycard or require a specific code.

Specialized gates and locks can be created for any installation that matches the fencing to which it’s attached. The type of fencing that’s selected will depend on multiple factors. You may desire privacy or security, while others may want to enhance their property value, mute sounds coming from the street, or protect and confine children and pets.

Fencing is available in wood, aluminum, PVC, chain link, and SimTek® materials, each with its own unique features. PVC is available in more than 30 distinct and unique decorative styles that won’t crack, peel, chip, or splinter.

Aluminum fencing is offered in multiple colors and styles. It’s an elegant solution that’s also durable. It can be extremely effective for deterring intruders whether they’re human or wildlife and provides safety for children and pets. Chain link fencing is equally applicable for the same reasons, though not as fashionable in appearance.

Wood fencing can be customized in numerous ways. It’s offered in shadowbox, board-on-board, and stockade styles. All panels are custom created from high-quality, pressure-treated wood and surpasses the South Florida Hurricane Building Code.

SimTek® fencing has become a standard in hurricane-prone Florida. The fencing can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 110 mph, along with 130 mph gusts. It’s low-maintenance and impact resistant. A proprietary molding process enables it to emulate the appearance of wood grains and granite.

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