Summer has arrived and for many people that means the installation of a swimming pool. There’s far more involved in having a pool than simply filling it with water and enjoying a refreshing dip. Florida has very specific fence laws for pools to which every owner must adhere for the safety of anyone that might enter the pool area.

Drowning is the leading cause of death in young children, older individuals, and those with disabilities. The deaths typically occur in swimming pools, but they can also happen in environments with hot tubs, backyard spas and wading pools that are fixed in place. For purposes of the law, any structure that holds 24 inches of water is considered a pool whether it’s above-ground, in-ground, or on-the-ground.

Any pool must be completely surrounded by a fence, wall, or similar barrier of at least four feet in height. The rule is true whether the pool is located in the backyard or indoors. The exception to this is if an approved pool cover is used that prevents an individual from sinking below the surface of the water.

There can’t be any gaps in coverage where a child could crawl between fence rails and the barrier can’t be more than two inches off the ground to prevent a child from crawling under it. A pool fence must also be one in which no protrusions or other handholds are available that would allow a child to climb over it.

The door or gate for entry has to face outward and have a self-locking device or other locking mechanism that can’t be reached by a curious child. While an alarm system for the gate isn’t mandated, it’s a good idea to invest in one. Mesh fencing is a good choice for pool barriers, but wood, PVC, and SimTek® materials are also available that can be fashioned to meet Florida’s safety guidelines.

It’s essential to hire a fencing professional that’s cognizant of all pertinent regulations. As an expert, they can provide assistance in creating a fence that’s attractive and complements surroundings that also meets all applicable safety laws.

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