Dogs are important members of the family and individuals will want to take many of the same
precautions to protect their pets as they would children. Never leave a canine unattended,
even within their enclosure. The following are some tips to help keep pets safely within their
Know the Dog
A 4-ft. fence is adequate for a puppy, but individuals need to plan ahead for the dog’s mature
height. Some breed types have a proclivity toward certain behaviors. Highly intelligent canines
are well able to open locked gates from observing what their human companions do.
Jumping Over
Some dogs are jumpers. Keep doghouses and other items away from fences. Even smaller
canines can be tempted to jump if they can gain elevation.
Crawling Under
A dog may be a digger and if they dig next to the fence, they’ll take the opportunity to escape.
Even worse, they can get trapped underneath it. The simple installation of an underground
barrier can prevent a canine from crawling under the fence or getting stuck.
Climbing Over
Chain link fences are popular dog enclosures, but a determined canine can scale fences if they
can gain a toehold. Chain link fences can be equipped with coyote rollers or inward facing
attachments on top to prevent a dog from climbing up and over.
Squeezing Through
Pay attention to the spacing of fence posts and pickets. Any upright elements should be spaced
closely enough together that a dog can’t squeeze through or get stuck between them.
Blocking the View
Canines can get overly excited when they see people and pets on the outside of the enclosure.
A solid fence will block their view and keep them calmer.
Dogs can – and do – learn how to operate gate closures. A locking gate is the best precaution.
All closing and locking mechanisms should be located where it can’t be accessed by the dog.


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