Fencing for horses has advanced beyond being simply utilitarian. While barbed wire is still used in a variety of locations, it’s dangerous and causes serious injuries to horses every year. Modern technology has provided individuals with a wealth of options that provide essential safety for equines that’s also attractive and cost effective.

Mesh Wire

Strong and durable, wire mesh is available in diamond and square knot options. The fencing is made of steel and attached to wooden or metal uprights and top bars. The mesh is small enough that horses can’t get their hooves stuck in it and provides a resilient surface. It’s sometimes referred to as diamond mesh, chain wire and hurricane fencing. It requires little maintenance when constructed with metal uprights and top bars, and deters horses from climbing. The fencing can be installed in multiple heights that also acts as an intruder and predator deterrent.

Wood Rail

Some people still prefer the look of a painted wood fence, but it’s also a high maintenance option. It’s subject to insect predation, mold and weathering, will need periodic painting, and offers little protection against predators or intruders. Wood fences are also subject to cribbing from horses and both individual rails and posts can require replacing.


The material is strong, durable and attractive. It doesn’t require painting, offers good visibility and has the appearance of a rail fence. The fencing is constructed of steel wires encased in vinyl that will require periodic tightening.


The fencing provides beauty, safety, and a low maintenance solution. UV stabilizers in the PVC ensures no fading or discoloration. Impact and weather resistant, it will last for many years without cracking, peeling or chipping. It provides an attractive rail fence appearance, but without the upkeep. The fencing offers the same look as the stately fencing seen at premiere horse farms in Kentucky.

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