One of the most common reasons for having a fence installed is for the safety of children and pets. Most people would be surprised at how quickly small toddlers can move when they’re determined to get somewhere. Professional fence installers can erect fencing for pools, the entire property, or just a portion of your yard for a variety of safety concerns.

Chain link is the fencing of choice for containing children and pets, but there are many other styles and materials from which to choose. A professional fence installer can present all the available options and assist you in selecting the fencing that best fits your budget and any prevailing architectural considerations.


Youngsters love to climb and explore. That necessitates fencing that a child can’t climb over and doesn’t provide enough room for them to crawl under. Fences can be equipped with automatically locking gates and other preventative methods to provide an additional level of safety.

Fencing should be tall enough to prevent anyone from reaching over the fence. Chain link fencing can also be equipped with privacy screening or slats. It’s effective but not as aesthetically pleasing to view. Vines, bushes and other plantings can be installed for an eco-friendly privacy option.

There are other types of fencing that emulate the appearance of stone, wood and granite. Materials are available in multiple heights, styles and colors. The fencing offers an alternative that requires little maintenance, will last for years, and is able to withstand hurricane force winds.


If you get a puppy, there’s no way to know if he/she will be an escape artist that prefers to jump, dig or climb their way out of confinement. Fence professionals can help you determine the height of the fence you’ll need based on the dog’s adult size. Fencing can be designed with automatically locking gates and methods to aid in keeping pets, wildlife and intruders from scaling it.

There are also underground preventative measures that can be incorporated during the installation for pets that dig or are small in size. Even if a dog is small in stature, the fence will need to be tall enough to prevent passersby from reaching into the fence and scooping up your canine companion.

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