Fences are no longer the ugly and utilitarian constructs used in the past. Today’s fencing options offer colors and technologically advanced materials to accommodate any preference and to do so in a decorative and stylish manner. Fencing for security doesn’t have to be unattractive and aesthetically pleasing fencing doesn’t have to sacrifice security.

Modern day fences add curb appeal to homes and increases property value. Wood rail and rustic fencing is a popular choice for creating an open and inviting demeanor that brings to mind farms, ranches and is popular in rural areas. It’s particularly attractive for properties with large yards that cover extensive space and can be configured in multiple ways.

The traditional picket fence popularized in TV and films is no longer a simple combination of posts and stakes. They can be customized in multiple ways, are available with a variety of caps and posts, and can be equipped with decorative lighting. The fences are offered in multiple colors, materials, and can even be paired with metal mesh for a unique look.

Chain link fencing has been popular for decades to protect property, ensure the safety of children and pets, and provide a see-through barrier. The fencing is strong, durable, resists corrosion, and is one of the most cost effective fencing options available. It can be paired with vines, bushes, and flowering plants to soften its appearance and provide cover and food for birds and pollinators.

Stockade fencing is one of the most often used solutions for privacy and security, but it’s come a long way from the plain, featureless fences of decades past. Individuals can choose from stockade fencing constructed from SimTek, PVC and vinyl, all of which is highly decorative and low-maintenance. Stockade fencing is offered in an extensive range of colors, styles and textures that imitates natural stone.

Today’s fences are beautiful and add significant value to the properties they occupy. With the wide range of materials available and optional features, fences are elegant, functional, and can be customized in various ways to capture the unique character of any property.

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