Security is becoming an increasing concern and fences are the most popular means of protecting properties ranging from homes and businesses to production plants and utilities. With the many choices currently on the market, homeowners don’t have to eschew style when seeking security.


One of the benefits of aluminum is that it can be customized and fashioned into a myriad of decorative designs that rival wrought iron creations. The pickets can be spaced to prevent anyone from climbing it and the fencing can even be equipped with spikes at the top to further deter would be intruders.

Aluminum fencing is available in multiple colors and heights. People on the outside can still see inside your yard, but won’t be able to access it. Potential trespassers also won’t have a place to hide, since you can see through it. Aluminum fencing is virtually maintenance free.

Wire Mesh

Aluminum upright supports can be combined with tightly woven wire mesh to create a fence that’s stylish and offers no purchase for intruders to climb over. An additional feature is that it can be extended all the way to the ground level to prevent people from crawling under it and it’s effective for containing children and pets. The mesh provides many of the same attributes of chain link, but is far more aesthetically pleasing than chain link, and comes in multiple colors. Maintenance is minimal.


A vinyl fence can be customized in multiple ways and it’s offered in a variety of different colors and textures. Also known as PVC fencing, there are more than 30 different decorative and unique styles. It forms a solid barrier that prevents would be intruders from seeing in. It’s effective for keeping children and pets inside the yard and requires little to no maintenance.


Another type of fencing that provides a solid barrier is SimTek® You can customize it in a variety of ways and in multiple colors. It’s eco-friendly, resistant to graffiti, can withstand 110 mph hurricane winds. and gusts up to 130 mph. It’s also maintenance free and is effective for keeping children and pets safe from prying eyes.

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