If you’re thinking about installing a fence, the first thing to be aware of is that you’ll need a permit to install, replace or repair a fence. South Florida takes the installation of a fence very seriously. The permit rule applies to residential and commercial enterprises, new fence installations, and safety fences around pools. There’s a cost attached to the permit and it varies among locations.

Hire a Professional

There are many advantages of hiring a professional fence installer. One benefit is that the experts know the permit requirements and process in the areas they serve. They will obtain the permit as part of the installation package.

There are a variety of other factors that must be addressed if you’re thinking of erecting a fence. Aside from the primary purpose that you’re installing a fence, there’s material, color and customization options.

Professional Design

Fences need to be designed by a professional fencing company to ensure they comply with all relevant standards. That can include a mandatory set-back away from the property line. You’ll also need to have your property surveyed to establish exact property lines. The consideration may be waived if the property was surveyed within a certain amount of time.

Neighbor’s Permission

You may also need the permission of adjoining neighbors. In some municipalities, the neighbor that shares a property boundary may be partially responsible for the cost of upkeep and maintenance of the fence. That may be an expense they may not want to share.


There will be restrictions on the height of the fence. Some types of materials may not be allowed in certain areas. If you’re part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), there may be additional restrictions.

The South Florida soil composition can create difficulties when installing a fence. Specific rules are in place to mitigate problems and ensure they’re anchored properly. The professionals are cognizant of all those specifications.

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