A fence can serve a variety of purposes, from privacy and security to safety and curb appeal. Individuals have a variety of materials from which to choose that will complement their landscape, but even low-maintenance fences will need some care to prolong their lifespan.

Most modern fences require very little care to maintain their appearance. Some materials can last for 20 years or more and are eco-friendly. They’re highly-durable, but chemicals to control weed growth and insect pests in the surrounding landscape can result in staining.

PVC and vinyl fencing are easy to maintain. The materials don’t require painting and only needs to be washed with warm soap and water, and be rinsed down, to keep them looking new and sparkling clean. The fencing doesn’t require regular inspection to check for loose panels or replacements. They’re non-toxic, have built-in UV protection, don’t easily ignite, and will self-extinguish when the fire source is removed from proximity.

Wood fencing looks great, but it may require periodic painting and can fall prey to weather and insect pests. Maintenance will be reduced considerably by installing a fence constructed of wood that’s been pre-treated against insects. It’s a good idea to perform regular inspections after severe weather for any loose boards and to ensure that hardware is securely attached. A regular rinse with a garden hose is typically all that’s needed to keep it clean.

Chain link, aluminum, and metal fences have special coatings to resist weathering, the sun’s rays, and keep them looking attractive. They’re durable, but will need regular inspections to identify any areas where rust may have occurred and some metals will need to be repainted every few years.

Residential and commercial customers will need to weigh appearance and materials against the amount of maintenance required. Many of today’s fencing materials require very little care and with regular inspections, any fencing will retain its beauty and purpose for many years to come.

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