One of the most overlooked accents is fence lighting. Illuminating your yard can be accomplished through underground wiring, but a quicker and more cost-effective method is solar lighting. The optimal method is to have the lighting included as part of the fence installation. However, you can still enjoy illumination, greater security, and enhanced safety with solar lighting.

Solar Lighting

There are so many different types of solar lighting available, it can be overwhelming. Solar units can be installed on fence caps and hung from brackets from fence posts. They’re offered in a myriad of styles from those that look like coach lights to futuristic designs. Solar lights have the advantage of being an environmentally-friendly choice, can be installed anywhere on any type of fencing, and are extremely low maintenance.

Solar lights add ambiance to outdoor environments. The initial cost will depend on the brand and style of lights chosen, but are less expensive than those that rely on underground wiring. Another advantage is that they work even in a power outage. Solar lights are available in different lumen measurements, depending on how much illumination you desire, and can come equipped with motion sensors. There are even models with rotating colors.

Wired Lighting

Best included in the design plan when the fence is installed, wired lighting is tied into a traditional electrical system and requires the installation of underground wiring. They can be installed with a switch that allows you to turn them on or off as desired.

The disadvantage is that they won’t work if a power outage occurs. Many models are also equipped with motion sensors that turn on and off, even if the lights have been doused. Low-voltage lights are typically utilized as accent lighting for plants and pathways and are equally applicable as fence lighting. You can also use strings of lights – full size or miniatures – as temporary lighting for events and gatherings.

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