Erecting a fence on your property is more complicated than you may anticipate. There are legal regulations that must be adhered to and permits that will be required. However, the process of installing a fence all begins with knowing the exact location of your property lines.

Installing a fence without knowing where your property lines are can result in legal action by adjacent land owners. Without that knowledge, you can easily find yourself responsible for removing and relocating your freshly erected fence. It can also affect your ability to insure your home.

Check Your Deed

The deed to your property will have a legal description of your property and its boundaries. Older deeds may not include the information and will refer you to an older document. However, older documents may reference landmarks or other features that don’t exist any longer.

Plat Map

A plat map is a document that defines property lines and includes data about structures, elevations, and bodies of water. A plat map may be included as part of your deed and if not, you can view it at the city or county assessor’s office or online in some locales.

Perform a Survey

One of the easiest ways to determine exactly where your property lines are is to have a new survey performed. It’s a very precise measurement that identifies where all existing boundaries are located. The cost of a survey will vary among companies licensed to do the task.

Stakes and Markers

When a survey of your property was made, the survey company will have left a wooden stake or metal marker to mark the boundaries. If that marker is still available, you can tell where your property lines lie. The markers may be flush with the ground or sticking up several inches above the ground.

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