Fencing no longer conforms to strictly utilitarian constructs. The barriers are being embellished and decorated in a myriad of ways. Fence art encompasses a variety of items and is only limited to what the imagination can envision.


Individuals can choose from an extensive array of solar lighting solutions that utilize decorative post caps to add beauty and distinction to any fence. There are also wired options, along with rope and LED lights to consider.


Potted plants and hanging baskets are easy ways to satisfy a desire for greenery. Planters and hanging baskets on fencing offers the advantage of vertical planting, allowing individuals to expand their growing options while beautifying their fence. Popular planters include decorative metal buckets, recycled tires, and those in the shape of picture frames.

Outdoor Décor

The market for outdoor fence décor has blossomed across the nation. Individuals can purchase metal décor featuring birds, butterflies, fanciful insects, and fantastical creatures to hang on the fence, along with small statues of everything from animals to angels that are designed to peek over fence tops.


These are known by various names, but essentially they’re wooden or metal cutouts in the shape of people, plants or animals that can be painted and hung on fences.


A single decorative birdhouse – or several – can be attached to a fence in multiple ways. They also provide nesting places for birds that help keep down insect populations.


Hanging a decorative shelf on a fence offers a wealth of options. They can be used to hold and display anything from plants and statues to other favorite items that individuals want to show off. It’s an especially creative way to display smaller items and keep them off the ground.


A trivet isn’t just for protecting tabletops from hot pots. They make excellent decorations and offer an ideal way to exhibit similar types of artistic elements.

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