Fencing has played a roll in safety and beautification of properties for centuries. In the beginning, there was only wood, rock or metal in its most basic forms. Today, individuals have access to an extensive range of modern materials made possible through technological advances that provide greater durability while remaining aesthetically pleasing.


Individuals can still choose wood for their fencing needs. The difference is that new treatments have been developed that can be applied to ward off insects and protect against rot. In this instance, the wood hasn’t changed but the methods to extend durability has.


Powder coatings and sealants for anti-weathering protection have extended the lifespan of metal fencing. In the case of chain link, newer and more lightweight materials, combined with the practice of dipping the metal in steel, has made the fencing more cost effective while improving durability. Wrought iron is popular for fencing, but it’s more typically constructed of an iron core surrounded by a steel polymer. That polymer makes the metal resistant to UV rays and rain.


The development of pvc/vinyl fencing in 1981 created one of the most enduring alternatives to wood. The technology available enables it to appear as wood or stone and it’s a popular substitute since it won’t warp like wood. New manufacturing techniques enable it to be produced more cost effectively. Some manufacturers even provide lifetime warranties on their pvc/vinyl fencing since it doesn’t peel, crack or chip and its resistant to pests, mold and mildew.


A relatively new addition to the fencing industry, SimTek® has quickly become one of the most preferred materials for fencing in multiple environments. It’s an eco-friendly solution that combines plastic and galvanized steel. It can withstand hurricane winds, is impact resistant, blocks sound, and it’s available in textures that mimic wood and stone. In terms of maintenance, it simply needs to be hosed down to remove dust and dirt.

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