A fence is an excellent way to ensure the safety of children and pets, keep stray animals and wildlife out, and discourage would-be intruders. One of the keys to safety and security is the proper gate, but the installation of a gate also comes with the need for gate safety. Gates can be installed that use a traditional key, swipe card, remote control or touchpad.

A gate needs to be locked if it’s to perform its function of keeping people and wildlife out while maintaining safe boundaries for children and pets. However, care must be taken to ensure young children can’t reach the locking mechanism or have access to the key. That consideration is even more important if the fence surrounds a swimming pool.

It’s essential that individuals always make sure the gate is securely closed, locked, and that older children understand the importance of maintaining gate safety. Even the most high-tech fence and gate won’t keep people or pets in and intruders out if it’s not closed and locked. One solution is automatically locking gates.

Gates should be installed at the same height as the fencing to ensure they perform the function for which they were designed. A gate that’s too short or tall will also mar the aesthetics of the fence and home.

Always install a lock on the inside of the gate that can’t be accessed from outside. It will need to be high enough that children can’t reach it or climb up for access. Another consideration are pets. Depending upon the type of lock involved, large dogs can accidentally open some types of gates if they jump up – and don’t ever assume that the family pet can’t learn how to open a gate.

A gate and lock are essential elements for any fence to ensure safety. Self-closing and latching gates are great for fencing around the entire yard. They’re critical if the fence surrounds a swimming pool. Gate safety should never be taken for granted.

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