Florida is home to a great diversity of animals and it’s also legal to keep a variety of exotic animals, provided individuals obtain the proper class of permit that’s determined by the state. Owning an exotic animal comes with the responsibility to provide it with appropriate living conditions. To accomplish that, a fence is often required to ensure the safety of people and the animal.

Mental and Physical Benefits

Fenced enclosures provide a variety of mental and physical benefits for the animals. Trying to keep even smaller exotic pets cooped up in a home without enough room to exercise is bad for their mental and emotional health. Being able to move around through the use of a fenced-in area aids in preventing mental and emotional issues.

In the wild, much of the animals’ energy goes into hunting and surviving. When kept in a domestic environment, they have enough to eat and don’t have to hunt. That energy may often be channeled into undesirable mischief if they don’t get enough exercise. A fenced enclosure enables exotic pets to obtain the exercise they need to aid in warding off undesirable behaviors.

Type of Enclosure

The type of enclosure required for an exotic animal can vary widely depending on the animal. Shy animals and those that are easily upset may need a solid fence to prevent anxiety problems. Some exotics are climbers or fliers and any fencing option will need to include a mesh canopy over the top to keep them contained.

For those that dig and root in the soil, there are specialized fencing options with underground cables. Some exotic animals are excellent jumpers. Fencing is available in multiple heights that can be installed to discourage even the most accomplished jumpers.

Tiger Tested, Tiger Tough

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