When protecting a precious pet there’s no substitute for a fence installed by experienced experts. Zepco Fence has the distinction of designing and installing security fences for two big cat sanctuaries in Broward and Palm Beach counties. The company’s innovative design was adopted by the State of Florida Department of Wildlife Management.

While protecting your canine family member doesn’t require the same level of security, the company is well-known for its safe and effective pet fencing. Zepco Fence has solutions for dogs that jump, dig, climb and chew.

Methods of Escape

Dogs escape by 1 of 4 methods. They dig under a fence, jump over a fence, chew through a fence, and some talented dogs are able to climb the fence. It’s impossible to know when the dog is a puppy what their preferred method of escape will be so its best to cover all options.

Chewers and Diggers

To thwart chewers, a chain link fence works best. Diggers can be foiled by burying a portion of the fence underground. A border of concrete can also be poured around the fence perimeter to prevent digging.

Climbers and Jumpers

Fence enclosures can be equipped with an angled extension at the top facing inward for dogs that climb. A deterrent known as coyote rollers also aid in preventing escape through climbing. A solid fence is another option that doesn’t allow dogs to gain purchase with their feet and works equally well for blocking line of site for easily stimulated dogs. For jumpers, the solution is a fence high enough that they can’t jump over.

Why Dogs Seek Escape

The most common reasons canines seek an escape route is boredom and loneliness. They may also think they’re protecting their territory from a perceived threat. Canines left without shade, shelter, food or water may try to escape to a more hospitable location. Dogs that are spayed or neutered are less likely to rove the neighborhood seeking a mate.

The South Florida soil composition can create difficulties when installing a fence. Specific rules are in place to mitigate problems and ensure they’re anchored properly. The professionals are cognizant of all those specifications.

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