Individuals have so many options to think about and consider when they decide to install a fence – and soil type typically isn’t one of them. The truth is that the type of soil will have a definite impact on the installation process of any fence. It’s just one of the many reasons that professional fence installers typically like to perform an on-site examination of the area to be fenced.

Florida has many different types of soil and they can vary significantly over relatively small areas. Professional fencers typically set fence posts in concrete, but it’s important for individuals to understand the soils involved and how it will impact the cost and time it will take to erect the fence.


Soil comprised of clay is often likened to concrete when its dry. Clay soils are dense, difficult to work with, but tend to hold fence posts solidly in place. It may need to be moistened to make it malleable to digging. The problem with clay is that it tends to shrink when it dries out and that can affect the appearance of the fence.


A soil with a high concentration of sand is far from ideal for installing a fence. The only real solution for erecting a fence in sandy soil is to embed fence posts in concrete.

Rock and Gravel

A certain amount of rocks and gravel in the soil can aid in providing stability to a fence. However, it’s a soil type that adds an extra level of difficulty when digging fence post holes, even for powered post hole diggers.


This soil type is very easy to work with for installation. However, it can cause substantial problems when it becomes saturated after heavy rains. Silt can take on a more fluid consistency that doesn’t bode well for fence stability.


Individuals that have peaty soil or reside near areas that tend to be wet or damp may experience a lot of difficulty when installing a fence. The soil provides little support and even concrete footings for fence posts may not be sufficient.

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