A well-maintained, professionally installed fence can add up to 10 percent more value to your
home. If you’re selling your home, there are variables over which you have no control. The new
buyer may want a fence, but not the style or material that you installed. Much depends on if
the fence is decorative in nature or designed for functionality.

Visual Appeal
Real estate agents call it curb appeal, as a fence can enhance the aesthetics of a dwelling when
potential buyers view a property from the street. Aluminum fencing that emulates wrought iron
is considered by many to be the most attractive. Vinyl fencing and SimTek® are equally sought
for their high-quality appearance, safety, security, and ease of care and maintenance.

If break-ins or crime are a concern, aluminum fencing provides value, beauty and peace of
mind. The fencing can be equipped with additional security measures if desired. It’s available in
multiple styles, colors and has a luxury look that enhances the appearance of any property. For
families with small children or pets, the ability to keep human and animal intruders out makes
this an invaluable asset.

Finding a bit of privacy in today’s hectic world can be difficult. Solid SimTek® or vinyl fencing
provides an oasis of privacy in the midst of any neighborhood, keeping activities and valuable
equipment or recreational vehicles are hidden from prying eyes. The materials are an effective
barrier against intrusions by people and wildlife.

Both materials help buffer street noise and require minimal maintenance. The materials are
strong, durable, and impact resistant. SimTek® and vinyl are available in finishes that emulate
the appearance of natural stone or wood.

SimTek® fencing can withstand 110 mph winds and gusts up to 130 mph. It’s manufactured
with recycled and recyclable plastic. Vinyl can also be recycled.

Personal Preference
A fence can add up to 10 percent in home value, whether owners are keeping or selling their
property. The style of fencing can aid in advancing a sale, depending on the buyer’s needs,
preferences and priorities.


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