There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution for fencing when it comes to animals. Some will try to climb a fence, others will try to dig under it, and some will try to jump over a fence. There are some animals that require a fence they can’t see through. Be aware that a fence should also keep out a variety of wildlife.


The most common type of fencing for dogs is chain link. It can be equipped with underground guards that prevent canines from digging under it to escape. Chain link is available in multiple heights to prevent dogs from jumping over it.

For dogs that are easily excitable, a wood fence or one of PVC prevents them from seeing outside and can be built to multiple heights. The fencing should be at least 3 times the height of the dog for those that jump or even climb.


Wood fences are attractive for properties with horses, but they must be high enough to prevent equines from jumping over them, typically 6 ft. in height. The bottom rail must be low enough to deter a horse from crawling under them. Rails should be close enough together to prevent horses from getting their head, feet or legs between them.

A frightened horse may not see a metal fence. PVC fencing is a good option that can be easily seen by equines. It’s durable and can be constructed to meet a wide range of requirements. Wire fencing is often selected due to its low cost, but is difficult for horses to see without some type of highly visible top rail or markers along the fence line.

The squares in woven wire fencing should be small to prevent horses from getting heads, hooves and legs trapped. Mesh fencing is another option that provides springiness should a horse run into it.


Chain link is a good choice for backyard chickens, but must have small enough spacing in the mesh to prevent small animals from squeezing through to gain access. Extensions at the top with a 90-degree outward angle prevents wildlife from crawling up and over. Rollers can also be placed at the top to accomplish the same goal.

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