If you live in an urban location, you’ll almost certainly need a permit of some sort giving you permission to erect a fence. If you live in an HOA, you’ll typically need additional permissions from the HOA. However, that’s not always true if you live in a rural area. The need for a permit will depend on the zoning and regulations of the city, community or even county in which you live.

While you may want to turn fencing into a DIY project, failure to obtain a required permit or trying to install a fence that exceeds height requirements can land you in serious trouble. The same is true if you don’t observe set back regulations. The body responsible for enforcing codes can make you take the fence down and all of your money, effort and labor will be wasted.

Don’t purchase fencing unless you’ve checked with your local governmental office, HOA, and any neighborhood associations with which you may be affiliated. You may need to provide the city council or other municipal body with a copy of a survey of your property, along with the fence plan and specifications. You’ll also have to pay for the permit.

The beauty of hiring a professional fence installation company is that the experts will be cognizant of the permitting requirements for your area and will usually pull the permit for you. When you’re choosing your fencing, they can advise you on any height, material or other restrictions that are in force. You’ll also need to know where any underground utility lines are located.

If you hire a professional, the cost of the permit will be included in the cost of the fence installation and they’ll often present all the materials to the city council for you. There’s a wide range of requirements and restrictions that may apply, depending on the type of fence material is being used, if the fence is for a residential or commercial property, and if it has a gate with electrical components.

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