A multitude of fence design options are available and choosing just one can be difficult. The first step is deciding the purpose for which the fence is being erected. With the wide range of materials available, it’s possible to combine form and function into stunning fencing that serves it’s intended purpose and enhances property value.

Depending on the usage, individuals can fence all or a portion of their property. Homeowners can choose from wood, aluminum, chain link, PVC and SimTek® materials. Fencing is offered in multiple colors and varying heights to accommodate multiple requirements. Individuals can also select fencing that emulates the appearance of wood and stone.

Kids Safety

Children are naturally curious. A solid fence is an ideal way to keep them safely contained within a specific area and secure from prying eyes. Chain link is an effective barrier, but doesn’t provide a decorative element or prevent others from seeing in.

Noise Buffer

A solid fence is an effective noise barrier to reduce the sound of traffic and that of nearby neighbors. An added advantage is that it reduces the amount of sound emitted to neighbors and passersby. Some materials are more effective than others.


The most often used fencing for dog containment is chain link and it can be equipped with an underground cable for dogs that dig. Solid fencing is particularly beneficial for canines that are overly excited by outside stimuli. Chain link can be fitted with a special tarp to block the dog’s view, but lacks aesthetic value.


A solid fence prevents others from seeing in and can be highly decorative. It’s equally effective for entire properties or just to enclose a family area.


Chain link is great for security, but isn’t very decorative. Aluminum provides security and an aesthetically appealing appearance. Solid fencing materials can be an equally effective barrier and prevent intruders from finding handholds with which to climb over.

Wind Barrier

SimTek® is an excellent wind barrier that can withstand sustained hurricane force winds up to 110 mph. It’s durable, environmentally-friendly, isn’t damaged by salt water or UV rays, and is almost maintenance free.

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