Individuals are no longer limited to standard fence designs or the gates that go with them. Fencing companies offer decorative fences and unique gates to accommodate an extensive range of tastes.

Fence Options

Fencing can be erected in vertical and horizontal designs and multiple types of materials can be combined. Different types of complementary fencing can be used on the same property and at different heights. Wood is being combined with metal and even frosted aluminum panels to create a unique appearance.

Post caps for fencing come in an extensive array of designs. Lighted elements are becoming more popular in fence design, especially those that operate with solar power, to save money and create ambiance for outdoor gatherings.

Individuals can select from materials ranging from wood, aluminum, PVC and SimTek®. Archways are an elegant way to highlight fencing entryways. Bamboo is a sustainably sourced material that’s gaining traction as a fencing material and it’s offered in multiple colors. For those that want a fence, but want the light to shine in, can choose lattice work. It’s aesthetically pleasing and enables individuals to plant vines or other types of plants for privacy and beauty.

Wood or metal fencing can be paired with stone pillars for a truly unique look. An increasing number of people are choosing to dress up their fencing with wood or metal decorations that can be changed according to the season if desired. Flower boxes are an easy way to add interest to a fence, but make sure the fence is properly designed to hold the weight.

Gate Choices

No fence is complete without a gate and individuals can choose from gates with scalloped edges and lightweight aluminum with filigreed elements. Gates are available in single and double styles. Dressing up gates with hand-carved elements are increasing in popularity, depicting everything from animals and woodland scenes to elaborate geometric designs and the owner’s initials.

Aluminum gates emulating wrought iron are highly durable and can be customized in many ways. The gates are being adorned with inlays of faux jewels and carved fantasy items such as unicorns and dragons, along with butterflies, exotic animals and birds, and even dinosaurs.

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