Fences don’t have to serve as an unornamented barrier during the holidays. Your fencing can be a focal point for your decorating efforts and to spread some holiday cheer. Few decorations are as universally recognizable as brightly colored, twinkling lights. Make your fence a canvas to paint your vision of the yuletide season.

You have an extensive range of decorations from which to choose that light up, from simple light strands and wreaths to bows and garlands. You can design a winter wonderland to amaze children, celebrate Kwanzaa, or create an elegant appearance that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Make a Plan

The secret to sophisticated decorating is planning, rather than just putting up whatever comes to hand. Decide on a theme and shop early for the decorations you want as Christmas décor sells out quickly.

Lights and More Lights

There are multiple types of lights with which to adorn your fence. Miniature lights are a good choice, but you may want to use 3-in1 strands, or those that blink, so they show up better. Icicle lights are another popular choice and present the impression of snow, a rare occurrence in South Florida. Strand lights and icicle lights are available in a single color or multi-colored options.

A particularly pleasing lighting selection are meteor lights, sometimes known as falling rain lights. They’re offered in strands of single colors and the lights alternately blink to imitate a meteor shower. Don’t forget the energy savings available with solar powered lights. Strand lights and stand-alone options that include Santas, reindeer, and angels are all available as solar-powered décor.

Bows, Garlands and Wreaths

For a more understated solution for your fence, choose big red bows. They’re relatively inexpensive and show up well during daylight hours. Wreaths and garlands are another good solution. They can be purchased pre-made or you can craft them yourself if you have the materials. Pre-made selections are all available with lights. No matter which options you choose, make sure they’re designed for outdoor use.

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