Everyone isn’t a fan of fences. If you decide to erect a fence, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your immediate neighbors. Installing a barrier when you have “no-fence neighbors” will create tension and even lead to long-standing feuds.

How it Affects Neighbors

You may want a fence for privacy or security, but you also need to consider how it will affect neighbors. It may block their view or they may perceive it as a personal affront. There are any number of reasons why they aren’t enthusiastic about your fence plans.

Respect Property Lines

If your property hasn’t been surveyed recently, have it done before you call a fence installer. It’s especially important if any easements are involved. There may also be set-back ordinances that must be observed to accommodate any future fence repairs. It’s common for questions about property lines to arise, depending on which direction from which the survey was conducted.

Styles, Colors and Materials

The type of fence you want may not be appealing to your neighbor. It’s essential that you speak with your neighbors about your fence vision. You’ll want a fence that blends with the prevailing surroundings.

Local Regulations

Rest assured that there will be zoning and other regulations governing such things as overall height, location, and acceptable materials. A fencing professional provides valuable assistance in these issues. He or she will be knowledgeable about regulations in your specific area. In some locales, you and your neighbor may be equally responsible for maintenance costs and it may not be an expense they’re willing to accept.

Lifestyle Interruption

When a fence is installed, there’s going to be noise and traffic that’s unavoidable. It will temporarily disrupt the lifestyle of your immediate neighbors and others around you. However, it may also have a permanent impact. If your neighbors regularly host gatherings, a fence may affect their ability to do so in the future.

It’s vitally important to communicate clearly and calmly with your neighbors about your desire to install a fence. It’s essential to avoid hard feelings, disagreements and even the potential for litigation. You may even be able to bring your “no fence neighbor” around to your way of thinking.

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