People have always been fascinated by exotic wildlife and species not indigenous to their own country. Florida bans individuals from keeping certain types of exotic animals as pets. Too many have escaped or been let loose in the wild where they’ve become a nuisance or even a danger to people, pets and native wildlife.

However, the state does allow keeping some types of exotic animals and it’s the responsibility of the individual to provide appropriate safeguards to keep them contained, in good health, and that means a superior fencing solution.

Zoos, veterinarians, rescue organizations and conservancies that regularly work with wildlife require specialized facilities. When interacting with wild animals, containment consists of much more than an ordinary fence. Animal enclosures must meet highly specialized requirements that protects the animal and keeps people safe.

Zepco Fence is the undisputed leader in wild animal enclosures. The company designed and installed security fences for big cat sanctuaries in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Their innovative designs have been adopted by the state’s wildlife management division. Each containment option is customized to the animal.

The type of fence that’s best for a particular species depends on if the animal is a jumper, climber, digger, or flyer. In addition to the fence itself, the company can incorporate netting over the top of enclosures for those that fly or the inclusion of underground wires and concrete barriers under the perimeter of the fence to stymie diggers. Fencing is also available that has angling at the top to prevent climbers from escaping.

Even the smallest of exotic animals need sufficient space to exercise and it aids in maintaining their mental and emotional health. Containment solutions are available for highly social species, along with those that are shy by nature. Fencing solutions are designed for optimal safety for people and wildlife, minimize stress, prevent escape, and accommodate the natural behavior of the species.

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