A homeowner’s association (HOA) can be a blessing or a distinct disadvantage, depending upon what it is that an individual wants to do with their property. For those that desire uniformity, an HOA provides very specific rules about every aspect of the home and surrounding environment. For individuals that want a little more leeway in what’s in their yard, fencing panels are the ideal solution for concealing things of which an HOA may not approve.

There are many things that an HOA can’t tell residents they can’t have, but depending upon the HOA agreement, individuals may be required to have them out of sight. Features considered an eyesore by an HOA can be camouflaged with fencing panels – just make sure they meet the rules set forth by the HOA in terms of height, material, and color. Don’t erect fence panels without the pre-approval of the HOA. Panels are effective for concealing:

  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Certain Plants
  • Clothesline
  • Electrical Boxes
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Generators
  • Lawn Furniture
  • Outbuildings
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Solar Panels
  • Toys
  • Trash Bins

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

There are many things that an HOA doesn’t want to see and may view as a detraction to the overall plan of the community, even if those items are allowed or essential to the operation of homes – such as electrical boxes. There are dozens of fencing options that can assist individuals to camouflage things that an HOA wants to keep out of sight.

Fencing doesn’t need to encompass an entire property to be effective. Individual panels can be strategically placed to conceal virtually any type of undesirable feature. Modern fencing materials can emulate the look of high-end stone, granite, and wood to provide an elegant appearance that blends tastefully with local surroundings.

Individuals can select from aluminum, PVC, wood, chain link, and SimTek® fencing materials. There are dozens of options for screens to hide unsightly items within a yard. They can also offer a handy foundation for trailing or climbing plants for those that enjoy gardening.

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