Fencing in commercial venues can take many forms, from temporary fencing on job projects to high-tech security around warehouses. There are multiple types of materials from which to choose that will accommodate very specific needs.

Hiding Unattractive Features

Dumpsters, generators and electrical boxes are just some of the items that can be found in and around home developments, warehouses, factories, stores, and restaurants. They’re unsightly and can attract unwelcome wildlife. One of the most popular options for camouflaging and containing those areas is wooden fencing. PVC and SimTek® are also excellent choices. The options come in a variety of styles, colors, textures and won’t attract insects.

High Security

Whether it’s a wild animal enclosure, food processing plant or correctional facility, high-security fencing is typically an incarnation chain link. It’s available in multiple-size weaves, can be erected in multiple heights, and spikes or razor wire can be affixed to the top. The fencing is equally applicable for facilities ranging from airports and shipyards to chemical plants.

Large Gates

A fence isn’t complete without a gate and there are several types that can be paired with commercial fencing that open vertically or horizontally. Commercial endeavors can select from sliding and bi-folding styles, vertical lift or pivot gates, and those that require a keycard or keypad to gain entry.


Chain link fencing is the undisputed king for creating temporary barriers and barricades. The material is cost-effective and installs quickly to secure expensive tools and vehicles on construction sites and protect companies from liability. 

The fences are also effective in areas where commercial remodeling or landscaping is being performed. The fencing can be used on uneven terrain that could be dangerous to people. Two added benefits with temporary chain link fencing are that a tarp or other material can be easily affixed to the fencing to prevent prying eyes from seeing inside and the fence covering aids in keeping down dust.

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