The need for commercial fencing is increasing and there are dozens of options from which to choose. Selecting the best fencing for commercial enterprises can be a frustrating process without the assistance of a professional and Zepco Fence is a commercial fencing and gate specialist. Zepco Fence has the distinction of designing fences for big cat sanctuaries and the company’s innovative design has been adopted by the State of Florida Department of Wildlife Management.

Protection of property

Commercial fencing encompasses chain link and iron installations for high-end locales to PVC and wood stockade fencing for concealing unsightly dumpsters. Barbed wire and razor ribbon can be added for an extra layer of security to protect construction sites and equipment.

While the need for fencing is obvious for some sites, many owners of commercial properties don’t realize they need fencing until something is stolen, defaced or destroyed. Chain link is one of the most obvious choices for fast and efficient protection that installs quickly.

It can be used outside and indoors. Slats can be added to chain link to reduce noise, wind, dust and to protect against prying eyes. It’s a good solution for construction sites, industrial plants, warehouses to create secure storage, and even community parks.

Residential properties

PVC fencing is popular in housing communities and similar projects due to its durability and decorative properties. It resists UV rays, can last up to 30 years, and doesn’t rot. It doesn’t attract insects like wood, resists fungus growth, and is almost five times stronger than wood. It’s also recyclable, low-maintenance, and doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to salt water. PVC fencing is aesthetically pleasing and available in an array of colors.


For cemeteries, gated communities and parks, ornamental steel or iron fencing is the standard. It features a robust design that’s sturdy, durable, and resistant to the elements. It has an elegant and dignified aesthetic that requires little maintenance and is resistant to insect predations.

Gates for commercial properties

Gates for industrial and commercial fencing is essential and offered in styles that include traditional swing gates, rolling gates and sliding gates. Automated gates are also available that open with the touch of a button or a key card.

When selecting fencing for industrial or commercial uses, it pays to consult with a professional that has experience, expertise and knowledge within the industry. A professional can accurately assess the needs of each location, recommend the best option, and provide expert installation.

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