There really isn’t a one size fits all solution for fencing based solely on the type of business that’s being operated. The type of fence that’s chosen will also depend on its intended purpose. It may be erected for privacy, security, or safety. You may need a fence to prevent unauthorized people from entering or prevent access to potentially dangerous areas.


Those that choose aluminum fencing have a variety of colors, styles, and designs from which to select. The fencing resists weathering and features low maintenance requirements. It’s often used for housing developments, gated communities, and areas where lightweight yet durable protection is needed. It’s also effective at fending off incursions by wildlife.

Chain Link

A chain-link fence is an economical option that can be installed fairly quickly and is good for large scale projects such as construction sites and warehouse facilities. It’s available in multiple heights, can be equipped with barbed wire or razor wire on top, and it’s see-through so individuals can be seen if they gain access. The downside is that would-be intruders can also see what’s inside. Another area where chain-link fences shine is at animal shelters and for wild animal enclosures.


SimTek® is an undisputed leader for fencing that’s durable and almost completely maintenance-free. It’s offered in multiple styles, colors, and textures. It’s high-impact resistant and very effective at absorbing sound. SimTek® is often used in and near restaurants and bars for privacy, along with housing complexes.


The choice of metal fencing is typically more expensive than other types but can be customized in multiple ways, whether it’s iron or steel. It’s advantageous around pools, any type of business, and is equally appropriate for parks and schools.


If you’re seeking privacy, a vinyl fence may be the best option. Vinyl fencing can be especially beneficial for blocking off outdoor areas for dining and drinking. It’s equally advantageous for hiding items from view such as AC units and trash bins. The fencing is available in multiple heights, colors, designs, and it’s very low maintenance.

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