Choosing a fence is a distinctly personal choice. Individuals have very different needs when they decide to have a fence installed, along with materials from which to select. There are a variety of factors to be fully considered. Individuals should place serious thought into why they want or need a fence before erecting one.


The most common reason for installing a fence is to protect children and pets. The right fence contains youngsters and pets from getting into traffic. It provides safety and security against people entering the yard, along with predations from dangerous domesticated animals and wildlife.

A fence is an effective boundary marker for neighbors, passers-by and would-be intruders, while providing an increased level of privacy. Individuals may want additional curb appeal, to hide unattractive elements in the yard, or conceal valuable property. For those living near waterways or dangerous slopes, bluffs or cliffs, fencing aids in preventing accidents, injuries and even the potential of a fatality.,


It’s essential that individuals know what their budget is for fencing. The cost of a fence will vary considerably, depending on the area being fenced, the gate design, labor costs, and the type of material chosen. Individuals will also need to weigh the cost against practicality and functionality.


Chain link is the cheapest and easiest to install. Wood is the next least expensive option, with pine being the cheapest. Exotic woods such as teak and redwood are available at premium costs. They’re followed by vinyl/PVC fencing, composite fencing, aluminum, brick and stone, and wrought iron.

Beauty vs Practical

Everyone wants a beautiful fence that will enhance property value. However, the most attractive fencing may not be the most practical for the property owner’s needs. There may also be restrictions on the type, height or material that can be used, depending on where the property owner lives.

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